Google develops augmented reality glasses that transpose in real time

Although rather discreet about its projects in this area, Google is still very interested in augmented reality glasses. On the occasion of the opening of its Google I / O conference, the company unveiled a prototype of glasses that perform real-time translation. The person who wears them sees the translated proposals of his interlocutor who speaks in another language.

Google hasn’t given any indication as to whether these glasses will come to market, but judging by the already high performance of Google Translate and the mastery of augmented reality via its Pixel smartphones, the essential building blocks are already in place.

Google has been active in virtual and augmented reality for years. Witness the Google Glass released more than ten years ago (2011) or the Daydream virtual reality headset. The very interesting aspect of the new project unveiled during this Google I/O 2022 concerns the emphasis on utility. Exit immersive experiences in the company of dinosaurs or in magical landscapes, we are on the concrete: understanding and being understood to remove communication barriers. By combining this pragmatic approach and the power of its tools, Google is moving forward on a promising path.

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Image: Google

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