Google defended the jack on some Pixels, but that was before

It has been found that the new Pixel 6a does not feature a headphone jack unlike the previous generation. However, Google celebrated this connection a year ago.

There are certain jokes that age badly. The one that Google had offered in August 2021, during the presentation of the Pixel 5a, has just taken a sale tour since May 11. Indeed, it was on this date that the new Pixel 6a was presented, during the Google I/O conference. And on this occasion, the teasing of Google comes to turn against him.

Recall of facts. Last summer, Google released a surprising video in which the American company celebrates the jack plug. For two minutes, he praises the perfection of this connection, its circularity, its simplicity, its obviousness. It was a nice way to heckle Apple and its former chief designer, Jonathan Ive, who liked to celebrate the look of their products.

Towards the end of the jack in the entire Pixel range?

The Mountain View company then gives the impression of not forgetting those who do not have the latest fashionable connectors and who do not want to bother with all kinds of adapters. It was a veiled way of criticizing Apple, which chose from 2017 to deliver the jack, to embrace a wireless world.

The jack on Google’s Pixel 5a // Source: YouTube/Made by Google

But whammy: now with the presentation of the Pixel 6a, the jack took off, as did Google’s ultimately rather superficial defense of this jack. As The Verge noted on May 11, the price jack has disappeared from the Pixel 5a successor. Sign that Google one goes around of the subject, that he was spinning aroundit was surrounded by market trends?

Still, Google’s false fascination with the jack hasn’t carried over to the Pixel range. Certainly, the very first had one, before being abandoned to the next generation. Then it came back from time to time, on the midrange — 3a, 4a, 5a. We guess the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will become the dead end, as will a possible future Pixel 7a.

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