Google, Apple and Microsoft want to remove all your passwords and scan your fingerprint or face instead

What if you identified your own password? A system capable of preventing any intrusion while guaranteeing you great ease of access could well replace all our virtual keys. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have worked together with the help of the World Wide Web Consortium and the FIDO Alliance to develop a more secure and practical problem when it comes to passwords. The solution? Biometric scans, analyzing our fingerprints or our face. “The complete shift to a passwordless world started with consumers making it a natural part of their lives. Any viable solution must be safer, easier and faster than passwords and the older multi-factor authentication methods used today,” Alex Simons, vice president of program management, said in a statement. identity of Microsoft.

“By working together as a community across platforms, we can finally realize this vision and make meaningful progress towards eliminating passwords,” added Alex Simons. “We see a bright future for password-based credentials. FIDO for both consumers and businesses, and we continue to strengthen support for Microsoft apps and services. At this time, no specific date for this change has been announced. In its statement, Apple informs, however, that this new system could well arrive “sometime this year.” The “forgot password” button could therefore soon be a vague memory.


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