Google and Facebook explode the fines for the Cnil in 2021

Make no mistake about it. Beneath the frank smile displayed by Marie-Laure Denis during the presentation of the Cnil’s 2021 annual report this Wednesday, hides an iron will to enforce the regulations on personal data. The president of the Cnil unveiled an “unprecedented” amount of fines in 2021: 214 million euros, an increase of 55% compared to 2020. “Half of the sanctions relate to poor data security” said she raised.

As with anti-competitive laws in the European Union, it is the GAFAs that are of particular concern to regulators. And who logically monopolize the podium of the heaviest sanctions, because the European regulations on data protection (RGPD) now provide for amendments of up to 4% of their turnover. After having received 200 complaints on the subject of “cookies”, these web plotters widely used by advertising giants, the Cnil has decided to sanction recalcitrant companies after 89 formal notices.

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