Forget foldable smartphones, Samsung presents its rollable screens

After sluggish beginnings, smartphones with foldable screens are finally of interest to the general public today. But while this type of device finally takes off, another format shows the tip of its nose: smartphones with rollable or extendable screens.

And Samsung Display, which has been working on this new technology for years, has decided to step up a gear by showing off concepts for smartphones with rollable screens, giving us a glimpse of future devices that will use this technology. Like foldable screens, this will extend the dimensions of the screen. But instead of pinching, this screen rolls up.

The video below was released by Samsung Display during the SID Display conference. In the video, we can see a smartphone that folds in three, in order to offer new possibilities, as well as the famous smartphones with rollable screens.

In one of the prototypes shown in the video, we can see how the roll-up mechanism will allow the surface of the screen to be extended vertically, or horizontally.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown when the first commercial products using this technology will be on the market. But Samsung seems to be optimistic.

“Discover how Flex OLED and QD-Display will bring a significant advancement to our lives in the coming years. Things could be very different in the near future. Samsung Display unveiled all of its future tech products and technologies featured in the video during SID Display Week 2022, the display industry’s biggest conference, which means the future tech we encountered across the the video is already close to us »lit indeed in the description of the video.

It should also be noted that Samsung is not the first group to present prototypes of smartphones with roll-up screens. However, since Samsung is the market leader in smartphones, and Samsung Display is a major supplier of displays (both for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and for other brands), this presentation effectively signals that the the market for the first roll-up screen models is approaching.

Foldable smartphones are finally taking off, will roll-up screens enjoy the same success?

As mentioned above, today the demand for foldable smartphones finally took off. And for the moment, Samsung is number one in this category.

In 2021, the Korean giant reported that its shipments increased by 4 times compared to shipments in 2020. Sales were driven by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 which, in addition to having better durability , have somewhat more affordable prices compared to their predecessors.

“Consumer enthusiasm for Samsung foldables is exemplified by the success of the Galaxy Z series. In the first month since their launch, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 topped total cumulative sales of Samsung foldables in 2020 »had indicated the manufacturer, who estimated that shipments should be increased tenfold by 2023.

Today, Samsung is expected to put even more into foldable smartphones. Normally, the next models, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4, should be formalized in August. Indeed, having abandoned the Galaxy Note series, Samsung should use the old launch window of this one to present its new foldable smartphones.

Note also that the competition is getting tougher for Samsung. Xiaomi and Oppo have already launched their foldable smartphones. And according to rumors, Google would launch its Pixel Notepad before the end of the year.

As for rollable screens, it’s unclear when these will start shipping. But if people are more and more interested in foldable smartphones, they should also be interested in rollable screens.

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