Florent Pagny, suffering from lung cancer, gives his news on Instagram

Florent Pagny on Instagram on May 10, 2022. – Instagram screenshot

“I changed my look a bit since it’s the treatment that wants that”. The singer Florent Pagny, suffering from lung cancer, gave reassuring news to his fans and subscribers from his Instagram account on Monday.

“I only have one chemo left, I can tell you that I’m doing very well”, assured the interpreter of Know how to love“the protocol worked rather well since from the first two immuno-therapy chemos my tumor as big as a kiwi turned into a hazelnut”.

“Immediately behind we sent heavy with radiotherapy and more intensive chemo,” continued Florent Pagny, thanking in passing the medical support from which he has progressed. “I was very well accompanied by my half, my children, and then there were these thousands of messages, testimonies of love, support and good vibes”, also declared the singer.

“If all goes well, we’ll see you next year”

Florent Pagny, who had announced himself to be affected by this cancer at the end of January, had been forced to cancel the end of his tour. However, he plans to return to the stage as soon as his health allows it.

“If all goes well, we’ll meet again next year to finish what I started: the 61 tour”, concluded Florent Pagny, in reference to his 61st birthday, which he will celebrate next November.

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