Features will be removed

Facebook is ending location-based features, such as “nearby friends” and weather updates due to low usage.
The platform will stop collecting location data associated with these features on May 31.
You can download your location history before August 1, after which any stored information will be deleted. Which means you have a little over two months before that date to save a copy of your location history.

Facebook introduced “Nearby Friends” in 2014 to allow users to share their real-time location in exchange for being able to see if any of their virtual friends are nearby. After eight years, the company, now known as Meta, is ending this feature, along with other location-based services.

In addition to “Friends Nearby”, these features include weather alerts, location history, and background location.

However, this latest decision does not imply that Facebook intends to stop collecting your location data. According to them, it is allowed to collect this type of data in order to refine other experiences on the platform, according to its data policy.

Users can always verify how their location information is provided by using the app’s location services.

This is a welcome change for those reluctant to share their current position with Facebook, especially as public confidence in the company’s ability to protect their privacy has waned. Earlier this year, Meta paid $90 million to settle a decade-old lawsuit in which Facebook was accused of tracking users online in 2010 and 2011 even though they were logged out of their accounts.

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