Faced with decline, Facebook HR puts on austerity

Faced with a whole range of difficulties, some of which are common to the entire market, the meta has delivered unflattering financial scammers. The firm therefore plans to revise certain recruitments downwards. This situation could lead to a stagnation of its services.

Bad luck for Meta, which plans to lower the pace of certain recruitments // Source: Unsplash Dima Solomin

Published a few days ago, the Meta group’s latest financial results are quite lackluster. They lead the brand to more than cautious consumers for its next quarter of activity, which could be hit by a drop in income compared to last year. These companies are part of a very specific framework: that of a beginning of decline for the group, confronted for nearly a year with a drop in the number of Facebook users. A delicate situation to which is added Apple’s new policy on respect for privacy (in particular through the features offered with iOS 14.5 and later), but also a global context marked by high inflation and war in Ukraine.

Faced with these many pitfalls, Meta wants to reduce the sails in terms of recruitment, reports the American media CNBC. This decision, which would primarily impact the recruitment of middle and senior managers, could lead the group’s various departments to progress more slowly on certain projects in progress… and therefore lead to a certain stagnation.

Meta human resources in slow motion

We regularly reassess our talent pipeline based on our business needs and, in light of the data spend for this earnings period, we are slowing its growth by“commented a spokesperson for Meta contacted by CNBC. “We will continue taking into account to increase our workforce in order to focus on the long term.“. Recruitment of smaller profiles andsmall handsshould therefore, to some extent, continue to be carried out. According to information from CNBC, Meta recruiters should have effectively stopped their search for candidates for certain positions.

The decay, Meta might have to get used to. In February, the firm admitted that despite a rebound in the first quarter of 2022, the number of active users on Facebook had fallen for the first time during the fourth quarter. Meta is also bearing the brunt of the consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on the world economy… and on the online advertising market, the main source of income for the group and its subsidiaries.

We experienced a further slowdown in growth after the start of the war in Ukraine, due to lost revenue in Russia and reduced advertising demand in Europe and outside the regioncommented David Wehner, CFO of Meta. “We believe the war introduced yet another introduction into an already uncertain macro landscape for advertisers.“.

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