Facebook will take up to 47.5% commission on purchases made in its “metaverse”

The commissions acquired from the application store and the sale of virtual objects promise Facebook a significant profit. Selling an object for a dollar will bring back 53 cents to its creator.

After the April 7 announcement of a virtual currency project, Facebook is beginning to organize commerce within its virtual universe. The company thus announced, to Business Insider, the establishment of a 25% commission on all objects that will be purchased virtually within Horizon Worlds, its virtual reality platform and main showcase of its metaverse.

Horizon Worlds, which is currently only available in North America, allows users to make purchases or sales directly on its platform. These transactions, carried out in dollars, will be subject to a 25% commission which will spin into the coffers of Facebook and its parent company, Meta.

But this is not the only gain on which Mark Zuckerberg’s company will rely. The Meta Quest Store, an application store dedicated to the virtual, and allowing in particular to download Horizon Worlds, initially charges a 30% commission on all transactions, including those carried out in the virtual universe.

“If a user sells an item for one dollar, the commission taken by Meta Quest will be 30 cents, and that of the Horizon Worlds platform will be 17 cents (or 25% of what remains). Eventually, the user will therefore receive 53 cents,” a Meta spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider.

Clothing or virtual decoration

The cumulative total of these two “taxes” therefore amounts to 47.5% for Meta (30% + 25% of the remaining 70%). A levy which seems to contradict the statements of Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook, in November 2021. The latter thus criticized Apple’s commission, which nevertheless fluctuated between 15 and 30%.

Horizon Worlds has just inaugurated, on April 11, with a handful of users, its system of selling objects. The chosen few can now buy or sell virtual clothing, decorative items or even obtain “access to new parts of the world”, as explained in the company’s press release.

The social networking giant, which has made every effort to achieve its virtual ambitions, has also announced the launch of “bonus programs” for the most frequent users. This is a list of monthly objectives whose achievement will ensure earnings, them “not subject to commission”, specifies Meta.

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