Facebook News will be launched in France in January 2022, some media will be renamed

Facebook and APIG announce the signing of an agreement, two years after the entry into force of the law “tending to create a neighboring right for the benefit of news agencies and press publishers”.

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APIG and Facebook congratulate each other: they have reached an agreement on neighboring rights. © tashatuvango – stock.adobe.com

Towards a remuneration of the main media

An agreement between Facebook France and APIG

Facebook France and the Alliance de la presse d’information générale announce the signing of an agreement “relating to neighboring rights” to pay “Enhancing the news experience for users and publishers”. Concretely, “Facebook users will be able to continue to freely share news within their communities, while guaranteeing the protection of neighboring rights [des] publisher partners.

Some press titles will be renamed

The American group will thus remunerate the press titles of the APIG: the Alliance brings together 284 media from the daily national, regional, departmental and regional weekly press. Beyond the compensation granted to these press titles, Facebook specifies that its tools are used by 3.45 billion people and that the news feed “sent 180 billion clicks to news publishers” in 2020.

Facebook News arrives in France in January 2022

At the same time, we learn that Facebook News will be launched in France in January 2022… and that the agreement will allow “to Alliance publishers who want to be featured in Facebook News”. The service already exists in Germany and the United Kingdom in particular, following agreements with several press groups.

What about other media?

The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed: neither the overall amount, nor its distribution, nor its method of calculation, nor its duration, nor the elements allowing the agreement to be adjusted if necessary over time. It concerns only certain press titles, although APIG represents most of the major publishers. The American group therefore specifies that the agreement will allow these titles to access Facebook News when it is launched in January 2022. What about other media? Will they also be able to subscribe freely to Facebook News? What precisely will be the criteria defined by the social network? Will they in turn have to sign a specific agreement with Facebook?

Towards a closed space dedicated to current events

Remuneration open to all the media who so wish, on the basis of a calculation whose elements would be defined in complete transparency, could undoubtedly respond more faithfully to the spirit of the European directive transposed into French law in 2019 . Facebook specifies that it wishes “reliable, reputable and informative information” on his social network, and that’s a good thing. The group therefore assumes the role of arbiter, able to choose whether a media “deserves” to appear on Facebook News. Let’s just hope that the result of this will is not the creation of an ecosystem that is too closed, further weakening media pluralism.

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