Facebook Named Worst Group of the Year in Yahoo Finance Poll

Renamed Meta, Facebook was named Worst Company of the Year Discovered in the results of a survey conducted on Yahoo Finance, in which just over 1,500 people responded.

It wasn’t one or two heartbreaks that tarnished the group’s image for these respondents, but a litany of behaviors. On the one hand, he is accused of censoring expression, on the other of helping to spread and popularize false information, particularly on subjects related to the health crisis.

Mark Zuckerberg, 2019. Credit: Meta

At the beginning of the fall, the group was confronted with revelations from Frances Haugen, one of its former employees, who left with a mass of documents which highlighted certain internal decisions or which showed Facebook’s inaction in the face of harmful content for its users.

Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg's dark week

Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg’s black week

Apple threatened Facebook to force the social network to s

Apple threatened Facebook to force the social network to deal with its slavery problem

Among those respondents who were critical of Facebook’s actions over the year, a few offered suggestions for the group to regain favor in their eyes. Like apologizing and immediately donating a significant portion of its profits to NGOs. Others have seen the name change as a way to afford new virginity at a good price, but perhaps it is necessary to go through it for the company to begin a new transformation.

Finally, some of the most cynical, perhaps, are willing to absolve Meta of all these ills in exchange simply for a return to a higher share price… This is up 22% from a year ago. year, but it is less than expected and it has slipped by 13% since last September.

And if there is a last in this survey, there is also a first, it is Microsoft and its record financial results which took first place in the hearts of the respondents.


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