Facebook is testing a new desktop icon design and layout

Facebook is testing a new interface for its social network for computers. Several users were surprised to see their menu icons, notifications, and Messenger appearing on the left side of the screen.

Facebook often changes its design, which has the effect of destabilizing some people.

In 2020, on a European right to change interface which has been gradually rolled out to all. The visual has thus changed considerably, it has become possible to switch to dark mode and the creation of pages and groups has become easier to do.

But now Facebook is changing the interface again by bringing all the icons, such as our profile, search, notifications, private messages, to the left of the screen.

Why are Facebook icons on the left?

For now, the new interface is only in the testing stage on the computer.

Not all users can test it yet.

According to Facebook, this facilitated our navigation on the social network, since everything is now in the same place, in a single menu on the left of our computer screen.

announcement new design interface icon facebook left screen computer

The icons on Facebook will be on the left side of the screen. Photo credit: Mashable

Among the icons that can be found on the left, there is our profile, search, notifications, private messages.

We also find a 3×3 grid where we find several sub-menus and where it is possible to find all the possible options, such as our friends, our events, our liked pages, etc.

left screen icons new facebook meta interface

One can see all kinds of options hidden in the grid icon on the left side of the screen. Credit: Mashable

Some will say that this new interface is more streamlined, easier to use.

Others, however, argue that having two columns on the left is rather cumbersome.

Several other platforms place their icons on the left, as Twitter and Gmail do so well, but Facebook offers many more options, which may not be the ideal solution for the social network.

It remains to be seen whether Facebook will actually implement this new interface and, above all, when it will be visible to everyone.

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