Facebook: here are 4 tools to browse your news feed safely

Have you ever encountered disturbing messages or content on Facebook? The social network has implemented tools that filter content to avoid unpleasant surprises and protect you.

With nearly 3 billion registered users, Facebook is the social network that brings together the most people around the world. Logically, it is a first choice platform to exchange with friends or family, but also to discover new centers of interest. To be able to explore the social network serenely, however, it is essential to sort out the content that could interfere with your experience.

Guaranteeing a safe environment for its users and ensuring their safety is one of Facebook’s commitments. This is why the social network is multiplying the tools to help its users strengthen their protection, sort out and control the time spent on the platform.

From profile reporting to post hiding, here are four features you need to know to better filter content, protect yourself, and personalize your Facebook news feed.

The “three points” to control them all

Present on each publication and profile, the “three dots” icon, generally located at the top right, is the most important of all to intervene in the display of the contents of its timeline. It brings together several tools that allow you to act on the content you see on the social network.

Here are all the options found behind the three dots icon:

  • Report content for moderation from Facebook, whether for false information, hate or violent speech, etc. ;
  • Hide postwhich in the future also makes it possible to display similar publications less often;
  • Hide a page or profile for 30 days. They will no longer appear on your News Feed during this period without having to completely unsubscribe.
  • Unsubscribe from a page so that you never see his posts again;
  • To block completely a profile.

Here are the options behind the three dots icon on a Facebook post

Block a profile to stop seeing it (and vice versa)

This last option, blocking, is the most powerful to no longer deal with a Facebook profile. By blocking a contact, their posts will not appear on your News Feed. But it also prevents it from:

  • View your posts;
  • To have a conversation with you;
  • To identify you and invite you to events or groups.

Above all, the consequences of blocking are reciprocal. The profile will no longer be able to interact with you, but you won’t be able to interact with it either. Finally, blocked profiles are not notified of your action. You disappear without a trace.

Facebook: here are 4 tools to browse your news feed safely

You can find all blocked people (and unblock them) in the settings

Have you changed your mind ? To unlock a profile, this time you have to go through the Facebook settings. You can find blocked people in the “Audience and visibility” category of the privacy settings.

Rescuer for signalman

It is on the mobile application that Facebook users are the most numerous. The social network has therefore logically adapted the use of its platform for mobile use. A clever and little known feature, which uses the gyroscope built into smartphones, allows you to report a problem to the social network, by shaking your terminal when the Facebook application is open.

Facebook: here are 4 tools to browse your news feed safely

The rescue to signal function opens a single interface

A reporting interface then appears. It allows you to specify the request with a written message, or draw on a screenshot to directly report the problem. This feature allows you to report messages, publications, but also profile photos, bugs, insufficient names, etc. What to indicate quickly and very precisely what can be a problem.

Monitor your time spent

What if one of the biggest threats to social media is ultimately the time we spend on it? If you have FOMO, or “fear of missing out” (Fear of missing something), you probably have to spend a lot of time on social media so that you don’t miss something that you think is important.

In order to give you an idea of ​​the time spent on its social network, Facebook allows you to count it, and therefore to limit it.

Facebook: here are 4 tools to browse your news feed safely

It’s up to you to set a time-of-use reminder on Facebook

In the social network settings, Facebook provides access to a “time spent” option. In it, you can know the time spent on the social network, but also set a reminder to limit the duration of use. You are free to choose the duration, from a few minutes to several hours a day. Facebook will then send you a notification when the time exceeds the limit you are imposed.

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