Facebook, Gafam district

CHRONICLE – Flickering Facebook, the battle for housing and the nationalization of EDF: Jacques-Olivier Martin’s notebook.

Should we erase the F of the famous Gafam? With a capitalization of 650 billion dollars, Facebook weighs more than a quarter of the value of the kings of tech. The Californian firm is still a digital giant (40 billion in profits last year), but many investors think it has feet of clay.

They do not lack arguments to feed their concerns. With the formidable rise of TikTok, Facebook, the “winner” of social networks, is not able to grab the whole market. The almighty Mark Zuckerberg is vulnerable, much more than the Gaam who knew how to erect barriers to kill the competition.

Are we going to witness the decline of an Internet ogre? Doubt is creeping in among financiers who prefer to bet on ringing and stumbling growth rather than the promise of a virtual world. They don’t buy the dream of the metaverse. Anyway not yet. But everything could quickly change if the other giants of Big Tech leave…

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