Facebook blocks some users who don’t have two-factor authentication enabled

Facebook just blocked some users. Anxious to impose two-factor authentication on the most vulnerable users, the social network has just put its threats into action. To regain access to the account, you must activate the Facebook Protect program. Unfortunately, it seems that the process is stuck in some people.

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At the end of 2021, Facebook announced the obligation to activate two-factor authentication for certain accounts. With this security measure, includes in the Facebook Protect programthe social network claims to want to protect the “human rights defenders, journalists or government officials” against possible piracy.

“Facebook Protect helps these groups of people adopt stronger account security protections, like two-factor authentication, and monitors for potential hacking threats”details Mark Zuckerberg’s social network on its website, regretting that two-factor authentication is largely underused by Internet users.

The Facebook Protect program is riddled with bugs

In early March 2022, Facebook finally reached out to the most vulnerable users to ask them toactivate the Facebook Protect program before Thursday, March 17. “Your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect”explained Facebook in an email.

Unfortunately, many users affected by the program did not take Facebook’s email into account. De facto, the social network has decided toimpose two-factor authentication by force. The platform has blocked user accounts. To regain access to their Facebook account, affected individuals must enable Facebook Protect.

Unsurprisingly, the social network details the activation process in a warning message that appears on the screen when trying to connect. Unfortunately, it turns out that this process is riddled with bugs. According to testimonials on the web, codes sent by SMS or email never reach their destinationwhich makes activating double authentication impossible.

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Other users make sure that activating Facebook Protect did not unblock their account. “Your new Facebook Protect, which I didn’t request, keeps texting me an identical two-factor verification code, which keeps not working. I am now locked out of my account”, testifies a user on Twitter. For the moment, Facebook has not yet reacted to complaints from Internet users.

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