Facebook and Instagram play nostalgia with this new function

The Meta group has launched a new function on Facebook and Instagram, soberly called Year in Review.

The year is coming to an end, and everyone is doing their own thing. After Google, which recently published the most popular searches of 2021, or Sensor Tower, which took stock of the most popular mobile applications of the year, it’s Meta’s turn to play on the sensitive chord of its users. Mark Zuckerberg’s group announced the feature this week Year in review for Facebook and Instagram.

Meta wants to take us by the feelings

As on Spotify, which broadcasts its traditional Envelope, the two social networks intend to surf on the memories generated by Internet users throughout the year, by offering them a small retrospective of the months that have just passed. If a similar option had already been available for several years on Facebook in the form of a montage of photos and content, this new tool offers several new improvements.

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Indeed, thanks to Year in reviewit will now be possible to discover a retrospective of the friends, places and content that mattered most in 2021. This year, the report will take the form of a interactive map, and above all shareable, that everyone can send, on their feed or in private message. Accessible since yesterday, Year in review will be available until next December 30what you leave time to enjoy your memories of the year.

On Instagram, the functionality will be slightly different, since it will allow you to share a “Proofreading”, or a medley of all your stories (up to 10) to relive the year 2021 with your followers. An addition that changes traditional year-end publications, until now presented in the form of a grid of the nine best messages of the year. In 2021, Instagram seems determined to make life easier for Internet users, by offering a dedicated in-app tool for the first time. With wires Proofreading, the platform also reaffirms its objective to focus on stories and instant content.

Mixed results for Meta in 2021

If Facebook and Instagram hope to draw tears from us by offering their annual reports, which are particularly popular with Internet users, it is also to make people forget that the year 2021 has not been easy for the Zuckerberg empire. From the controversial change of CGU on WhatsApp at the start of the year, to the revelations of Frances Haugen on the Facebook Files, the group, which changed its surname to Meta, knows that it will still have to work hard to restore its image.

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