Facebook again, Instagram of course, Tik Tok not yet

Facebook has just lost, once again, 20% of its audience. The 15/35 deport on Instagram. But specifies Nicolas Dianous of We Like Travel which includes a workshop during the EDV congress: Facebook remains the first social network in the world.

In France, Facebook is 35 million people and 3 billion worldwide. It is 2 to 3 times more powerful than Instagram! However, Nicolas Dianous adds “Using this network alone is not enough. Instagram and LinkedIn are essential. »

And Tik Tok? Warning: let’s not forget the adage: ‘‘Who graps all, looses”. This network remains difficult to approach, as the creative requirement is high and the choice of influencers tricky. A piece of advice is in order: don’t go it alone.

However: “theThe return on investment is much more interesting than on other social networks with a much better CPM. » specifies Malo boutry of the agency Tendy Event. He pursues : “But the content should be creative, including using credible influencers. Its profitability is explained by the snowball effect. Each incentive results in duplications, new exposures to the point of growing as you go. This lively side does not exist in the same way on Instagram. Campaigns cost less and bring in more views. »

So ?

So, go through a specialist whose job it is to help you penetrate this network. On this subject, a French company, Ekimetrics, has just been chosen by Tik Tok as one of the five companies that will participate in its Marketing Mix Modeling program. Thanks to its expertise, the social network will be able to offer more qualified and better targeted reports. Thus, it becomes possible to offer advertisers an improved measure of their ROI, via a standardized and optimized performance marketing tool.

Better leverage the power of TikTok

Thanks to his expertise in econometric measurement models that take into account the protection of personal data, this data specialist allows customers to better leverage the power of TikTok.

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