Facebook abandons podcasts and its audio features

Facebook shuts down podcasts less than a year after launch

It’s confirmed. Facebook is drawing a line under audio, putting an end to podcasts, Soundbites (short audio extracts), and its general audio hub (section which centralized all audio content present on the social network). These new audio features did not have the success offered by the platform.

According to Bloomberg, “Facebook is pulling out of podcasts and plans to completely remove them from the social media service starting June 3.” As a reminder, Facebook launched podcasts in June 2021 in the United States.

The social network had also been deployed worldwide: Live Audio Rooms, a feature similar to that of Clubhouse. Live Audio Rooms will still be present but will now be integrated with Facebook Live.

New priorities for Facebook: metaverse and Reels

Facebook said: We’re always evaluating the features we offer so we can focus on the most meaningful experiences. » This implies that audio is no longer a priority. It seems that Meta’s attention is now on the metaverse and the potential of virtual worlds. Another priority for the group: Reels, its short video format whose main objective is to compete directly with TikTok, and to retain creators on its main applications: Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook failed to win in the race for audio

With the audio craze and the emerging success of Clubhouse during the global pandemic, Facebook has tried to establish itself in the audio market to attract more creators to its platform. But the competition is strong in the field of sound, and it is difficult to compete with platforms that are already well established in the world of podcasting: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, etc. In addition, other platforms also launched similar audio functionalities at the same time: Twitter Spaces, Reddit Talk, Slack audio channels… Competitors being numerous, the conditions were already not favorable for Facebook to s impose in the audio race.

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