Executives From HSBC, Samsung, Google, Delta Capita And Adobe Share Tips For Smoother Marketing Effectiveness

Second in a two-part series, a new white paper from The Drum and Adobe explores how marketers can balance the need for ongoing prioritization and alignment with business outcomes to create marketing effectiveness. fluids that adopt the principles of speed and flexibility.

Digital transformation. Remote teams. Changing customer needs. Completely new ways of working. It’s no wonder that marketing leaders have stumbled with running eyes in the shiny, bright, tech-driven world that has emerged in the wake of the global pandemic. Change has to happen – and it has to happen fast, or the marketing risks falling behind. But managing change is never easy.

The two go hand in hand – but how can marketers do it in a way that maximizes efficiency and delivers results?

The Drum and Adobe brought together a team of marketing leaders to understand how they are creating synergies between priorities, data, technology and talent to drive far-reaching marketing impacts across their organizations. Our thought leaders include:

  • Becky Moffat, Marketing Director, HSBC

  • Jay Bowden, Chief Growth Officer, Google

  • Ihab Moawad, Director of Technology and Data-Driven Marketing, Samsung Electronics Europe

  • Chad Gorman, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

  • Leeya Hendricks, Chief Marketing Officer, Delta Capita

Download the white paper below to learn how to improve marketing effectiveness that will yield better results, not only for your customers, but also for the organization itself.

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