Excel 2021. Master Microsoft’s Advanced Table Functions

This book covers the advanced features of Microsoft® Excel 2021; it is intended for anyone who knows the basics of Excel and wishes to go further by learning the advanced functions of this table. It was written with the 2021 version of Excel. You will see how to create workbook templates, enter specific data into your workbooks such as mathematical equations, hyperlinks, you will learn how to create custom data series, drop-down lists of values, validation criteria; you will also see how to import data from an Access database, a text file or a web page. You will learn how to create and use named zones. You use Excel’s analysis and calculation tools: new calculation functions (CONCAT, JOINDRE.TEXTE, MAX.IF.ENS, MIN.IF.ENS, IF.CONDITIONS, IF.MULTIPLE), search functions, data consolidation, double entry table, array formula, scenario, target value and solver. You analyze and audit your spreadsheets. The next part is devoted to data presentation: you will see how to create custom formats, conditional formatting rules, you will see how to create and apply styles and themes before tackling the part on data reorganization: sort, filter data using one or more criteria. In the charts section, you’ll see how to create chart templates and learn about advanced options for making any type of chart. To optimize data analysis, you will learn how to use data tables and how to create pivot tables and charts. The next part is dedicated to collaborative work: you will see how to share a workbook and comment on the modifier thanks to co-editing. Finally, you’ll see how to create macro commands, how to customize your work environment by modifying the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon, and how to manage Microsoft user accounts.

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