Elon Musk about to buy Twitter? The boss of Tesla

Elon Musk has secured financing commitments of $46.5 billion, or 42.7 billion euros, to buy Twitter. The richest man in the world plans to launch a takeover bid for the outstanding securities of the social network, shows this Thursday, April 21, a document filed with the regulatory authorities.

$46.5 billion. This is the colossal amount, higher than the GDP of Cameroon or Tunisia According to data from the World Bank, which Elon Musk is preparing to offer to buy Twitter.

Of this amount, 33.5 billion dollars represent funds allocated in a personal capacity by the boss of the car manufacturer, including $21 billion in equity, i.e. less than 8% of his personal wealth, and $12.5 billion in loans. The participation of banks, including Morgan Stanley, amounts to 13 billion dollars.

The American billionaire of South African origin, second shareholder of Twitter with a stake of 9.1%, had proposed on April 14 to acquire his target for 43 billion dollars, explaining that the social network should be withdrawn from the Scholarship to be able to relaunch its growth and become a platform dedicated to freedom of expression.

This offer, perceived as hostile, led Twitter to set up a so-called “poison pill” mechanism, which allows shareholders to exercise their rights if an investor acquires 15% or more of the group’s shares in an operation that does not would not have been approved in advance by the board of directors. Since the investment fund Thoma Bravo LP contacted Twitter last week to explore an alternative offer to that of Elon Musk, several private equity firms have also expressed their interest in the social network.

What might this change for users?

As indicated by our colleagues from Marianne, Elon Musk describes himself as “free speech absolutist”said he wanted to “unleash the potential of Twitter” by advocating for people to “speak freely within the bounds of the law”.

“But since racist and anti-Semitic speech, or the dissemination of private information are legal in the United States, this kind of remark could again be authorized on Twitter”, analyzes Marianne, recalling the collusion between the boss of Tesla and former US President Donald Trump.

By acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk could havea weapon of massive communication and to weigh with all its weight on the media ground.

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