Elden Ring is regaining strength in France and the United States!

GTA V and Elden Ring are getting even stronger!

If you think you’ll see something new in the Xbox sales charts, you might have to be a little more patient. Indeed, few changes have taken place over the period. We just note that each region has a different leader. Thereby, GTA V keeps its first place in France whileRing of Elden regain possession of his former crown in the United States, and that LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga resist the first English march. Moreover, the latter is declining in all the other countries and it is a safe bet that he will probably not keep his throne for very long! We will notice, to finish, the small incursion of a certain The Witcher 3 in the normal version in the French classification and the appearance of NBA 2K22 just before its integration into the Xbox Game Pass…

Good game to all and see you next week!

Xbox US Top Sellers – Week 16

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