During its conference, Google tackles Apple about RCS and iMessages

During the Google I/O 2022 conference, the firm took the opportunity to make a subtle allusion to Apple and its reluctance to support the RCS protocol for iPhone users.. We will try that every mobile operating system will receive the message and upgrade to RCS, so your messages are private no matter what device you use, said an executive during the presentation, adding that Google had 500 million active users for the protocol.

As a reminder, the Enhanced Communication Services allows to’improve some SMS features, such as read receipt support or encryption. Unlike Google, Cupertino has indeed chosen to integrate these into iMessage, which is not available outside of the brand’s products.

This choice also materializes in color levelexchanges via iMessage being in blue and those to Android (SMS) switching to green. This simple difference had also generated some controversy / discrimination at the level of young users with or without an iPhone.

For some time, some have since wondered about the possibility for Apple to apply this protocol to simple SMS. But with the reform of European standards and the obligation tointeroperabilitythe question could well be posed from another angle, that of the obligation.

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