Did he crash his Tesla because of the wind in a girl’s skirt?

This is a traffic accident for the less embarrassing.

Everyone knows how inattentiveness can play nasty tricks when driving a car. It is even the number one cause of accidents on the road today if we consider it in all its forms: using a telephone, looking away from the radio to change channels, falling asleep or… taking a look at this what’s going on around the car.

In the video below, the driver of a Tesla also adds an embarrassing parameter: according to the commentary of the video, he came to drop off a friend with her car when the latter’s dress twirled at because of a strong wind. The driver would then have fixed all his attention on his friend while he was negotiating a reverse gear. Distracted, he hit the vehicle behind!


The most important thing is obviously that there are no injuries in this rather funny incident. But what did the driver of the electric car have to do?

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