deprived of chips, the Chinese giant still hopes to become number 1 in smartphones

Huawei does not intend to say goodbye to its great ambitions. Deprived of computer chips following American sanctions, the Chinese giant intends to return in force to the smartphone market in the years to come. Despite the collapse of its sales, Huawei intends to return to the throne.

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Guo Ping, the current rotating chairman of Huawei, indulged in a question and answer session with company employees, Reuters reports. The leader spoke at length about the US restrictions put in place in 2019 by former US President Donald Trump.

“Everyone knows that phone chips need advanced technology in a small size with low power consumption. Huawei can design it, but no one can help us produce it: we’re stuck”, let’s first admit Guo Ping. last September, Huawei Since is indeed forbidden to trade with most of its suppliers out of China, not TSMC. The Taiwanese founder still produces the Kirin chips that power the brand’s smartphones. Without TSMC, Huawei finds itself back to the wall.

Huawei will return to the throne by producing its Kirin chips for smartphones

Very optimistic, Guo Ping ensures that the situation can be resolved. “Huawei doomed to exist in the field of mobile phones and with the continuous progress in chip production, the throne of smartphones will eventually come back to us”assures the rotating president.

To free itself from its partners, Huawei has also launched the construction of its first chip production plant in Wuhan. Eventually, the manufacturer hopes to be able to develop and burn its Kirin chips completely independently. “We look forward to the day when the central problem of chipmaking is completely solved in China”slide the frame.

In this context, the current leader of the brand believes that Huawei will soon become number 1 in the smartphone market, ahead of Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi. Before the American sanctions, Huawei was also at two fingers to take first place to its South Korean rival. But faced with restrictions and the loss of its Android license, the Chinese giant recorded a collapse in sales. It was also relegated to seventh place in the market.

Source: Reuters

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