Cynthia (Les Marseillais) too retouched on Instagram? This photo without filter makes people react

By snorthcote

– Published on April 18, 2022 at 08:51

Cynthia is a new candidate from Marseille. She has since been widely followed on social media. Internet users, however, accuse him of using too many filters on his photos.

Cynthia is entering the Marseillais family this year. The pretty brunette was quickly noticed by her fiery temper. The new recruit is one of the youngest candidates in the program. Indeed, Cynthia is only 19 years old. She immediately did capsize the heart of Greg Yega. Maeva Ghennam was also present in this adventure. However, she left the candidates alone. But the new candidate had the misfortune to unpack her intimate life to Maeva Ghennam. Feeling humiliated, Greg Yega decided to break up with her.

Bebew, however, tried to get back together several times with Cynthia, but the young woman always pushed him away. Since she participated in this show, the pretty brunette has become the darling of Internet users. On Instagram, the young woman has several thousand subscribers. Newly, the beauty has been at the heart of crazy rumors. Her fans were indeed convinced that she was in a relationship with Cédric. This time, Internet users reacted to an unretouched photo of the candidate.

Cynthia is more beautiful in the natural

Greg Yega’s ex recently aired out about his complexes. Cynthia is therefore prone to using filters on Instagram and Snapchat. A blogger has just shared a montage of a photo of the Marseillaise with and without a filter. Internet users reacted quickly. They indeed find that Cynthia is natural prettier. We can read this kind of remarks in particular: “Her face is a sweetness, she is magnificent, she does not need a filter”or even “I prefer it natural more than insta and its filters”. And you, which version of Cynthia do you prefer?

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