Customers left homeless due to shortages Tesla Solar Roof

The adventure of the Tesla solar roof has not been a long calm river, even less so in recent months. The solar roofs offered by Tesla are suffering the brunt of shortages, which leave some customers with unfinished roofs.

If the manufacturer succeeded in limiting the consequences of the shortages on its deliveries of electric cars, the American customers who opted for a Tesla solar roof found themselves waiting for the execution of their order. Delays of several weeks, which could turn into several months according to customer testimony.

The principle of the Tesla Solar Roof is to replace traditional and unsightly solar panels with tiles equipped with solar collectors. This system then replaces the entire roof with new technological tiles, both aesthetic and discreet. An interesting innovation, which is unfortunately faced with some production difficulties.

Where are the rooftops?

Since the beginning of the year, the brand first had to close its orders to new customers, in order to be able to focus on current requests and especially on the renovation of damaged roofs. However, some customers find themselves homeless, waiting for the availability of the brand’s famous solar tiles.

Construction sites at a standstill for lack of equipment, this happens to all construction workers, it is still always more embarrassing when the house is found for the occasion without a roof. In an article posted to on March 31, 2022, a customer of Tesla Solar Roof (Ryan Prijic) in Los Angeles is left with a roof that is only covered with plywood and a layer of waterproofing. The tiles are not expected to arrive until much later in the year.

Tesla Solar Roof Installation // Source: Tesla

While the gigafactory was supposed to provide the brand with a substantial production of around 1,000 tos per week, the worldwide shortage of solar cells drastically slowed down production. A situation that should not satisfy Tesla’s Solar Roof customers, especially if they find themselves with unfinished work, which cannot remain as it is for several months.

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