creators can display scheduled lives on their profile

Instagram offers to display upcoming lives on your profile

After giving users the possibility to schedule lives, Instagram wants to make live events even more visible to the public. In a video posted on Twitter, Adam Mosseri explains that the scheduled lives could be highlighted directly on the profile of the users.

Creators have been able to schedule Lives for a while now, now you can separate scheduling a Live from creating a Post, or Story, about that Live. An insert appears on your profile allowing subscribers, or anyone who accesses your profile, to know that there is an upcoming live and that they can set a reminder.

According to images shared by the Instagram manager, the banner would appear directly below a user’s bio and address the topic, date and time of the live. By clicking on this insert, users thus create a reminder to attend the live. In addition, Internet users can create as many lives as they wish. These will appear as a side-scrolling list on their profile.

Instagram allows you to remix any video on the platform

Adam Mosseri’s second announcement concerns videos posted on Instagram. Users can now remix any video shared on the platform. This means that users can respond to a posted video by adding a reaction or a sequence of their composition. This functionality was already available for Reels, thus allowing to create duets, and now extends to all videos on the platform. A minor announcement, but which allows Instagram to affirm its desire to favor video and to compete with TikTok.

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