Connecting your Citroën 2CV to a Tesla Supercharger, the electric class?

Now that Tesla Superchargers are open to cars from other brands, it is strictly possible to come and plug in your old Citroën 2CV converted to electric power.

The network of Tesla Superchargers is much better distributed than that of Ionity for the moment in France and in the rest of Europe. This is why users of electric cars from other brands are very happy that the American manufacturer is now making them accessible to competing vehicles.

And when we say “competitor vehicle”, this also includes these problems of “retrofit” preparations on the basis of very old models. Like this Citroën 2CV spotted on social networks whose small electric motor is plugged into a Tesla Supercharger at a station in the Netherlands, with its standard Combo CCS socket.

When retro meets cutting-edge technology

That’s exactly the kind of fun vision that blends retro and modern tech. It remains to be seen what the maximum charging power of this nice granny of the road is, and what it will cost its owner. Probably much more than for a Tesla…

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