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Samsung Electronics recently rolled out its #YouMake campaign, a campaign centered around customizing the color, design, and even combination of your Samsung products to suit your lifestyle.

From refrigerators and TVs to smartphones and smartwatches, you can now personalize your Samsung experience across the company’s entire product line. Beyond simply expanding available product options, this campaign empowers you to enjoy personalized, connected product experiences through the Internet of Things (IoT)-powered SmartThings platform.

The #YouMake campaign empowers consumers to take the initiative to personalize their own product experiences the way they want. Samsung Newsroom explored how the #YouMake campaign can transform different spaces in your home through combinations of different devices to help you embrace your individuality, so read on to find out how this campaign can inspire you to discover seamless product experiences. that really suit your lifestyle.

#Scene 1, turn your workplace into a home office

Due to the pandemic, traditional ideas about how and where we work have changed in essential ways. Today, many people work from home or operate on a hybrid schedule, which combines working from home and commuting to work. Today, #YouMake offers another opportunity to revolutionize our approach to working from home. By connecting your smart devices through SmartThings, workers can create a new home office culture by breaking the stereotype that “work equals a computer”.

With #YouMake, you can start the day working in your office with your Smart Monitor M8, then step into the living room for a conference call using your Neo QLED TV. With its large screen, you can have a vivid feeling of being in a meeting with your colleagues, as you easily read the meeting agenda and see your colleagues’ faces clearly. For documents that need to be shared during the meeting, you can quickly share them through your Galaxy S22.

With SmartThings screen compatibility and connectivity features, including file sharing, you can choose the best products to use for different tasks in a simple, unified way.

#Scene 2, Personalize your home with a design that speaks to you

Your home is the only space that truly reflects your personality and style. Just as you choose wallpaper and furniture to decorate your home, you can now customize the colors and finishes of appliances and electronics, such as your fridge, TV and smartwatch.

You can easily sync your style and devices throughout your home with the #YouMake campaign.

For example, if you’ve already chosen bespoke fridge panels to match the hot pink wallpaper in your kitchen, you can add an extra pop of color to your home by installing The Frame and picking frame colors that coordinate with the custom refrigerator.

When you have guests over, you can then select the perfect painting for any special occasion and display it with The Frame. You can also opt for a Galaxy Watch band and face in matching colors for a stylish look that meets any dress code.

#Scene 3, Make every meeting an unforgettable evening

With the #YouMake campaign, you can transform wherever you are into a movie theater or a lively party scene. The Freestyle, a lightweight and easy-to-carry portable display, can display a large cinema screen or provide mood lighting for parties. Simply activate Ambient Mode on The Freestyle to display images that uplift the atmosphere and transform the mood of the party.

If you’re in the mood to stream video from your favorite OTT platform, you can also connect The Freestyle to your Galaxy S22 using the Tap View feature to use the UI of a Samsung Smart TV. With 360-degree surround sound that fills the entire space, you can enjoy truly high-quality sound wherever you are.

Samsung gives consumers the ability to take the initiative to tailor their product experiences to their lifestyle. Learn more about these compelling connected device experiences by following Samsung’s #YouMake campaign.

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