Comparative duel: Xiaomi Pad 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Wi-Fi

If the Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Pad 5 have panels of different sizes – 12.4 inches for the first, 11 inches for the second – their performance is very close. Both are displayed on LCD technology and offer almost equivalent brightness (487 cd / m² for the Samsung model and 483 cd / m² for that of Xiaomi). The Tab S7 FE does not provide a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz or parameters to calibrate its screen, but compensates with a contrast rate of 1978 rendered, as well as a pleasant color temperature from the outset (6747 K ), despite a somewhat high delta E (4).

The Xiaomi Pad 5 is slightly behind the Samsung tablet on the screen criterion, but it is mainly due to its contrast of 1224, therefore lower. It is nevertheless necessary to recognize the accuracy of its display once the correct parameter has been selected in the settings of the device, thanks to a color temperature of 6767 K and a delta E contained at 1.2.

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