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What if we met returns to M6 from March 2022! Find out how to watch the episodes in replay on 6play!

What if we meet is a French reality TV show, created in 2021. Broadcast every Monday in the second part of the evening, this show enjoys some success.

A new season of What if we met is coming to M6 from Monday March 21, 2022. If you miss an episode on television, be aware that it is possible to watch them for free online. replay on the 6play site of the M6 ​​group. To learn more about this new 2022 season, we will tell you to discover Tuan, candidate and bachelor of the show.

What is Claire’s Instagram on the show And if we met?

Claire is candidate for this show. She is a professional dancer and a student at Cours Florent.

>>> Claire’s Instagram <<

To access the M6 ​​replay, you can use the link below:

>>> What if we met on M6 <<

We still do not know the reaction of his suitor Aïckel. He is also present on several social networks.

>>> Aïckel’s Instagram (private) <<

>>> Aïckel’s Tiktok <<

>>> Aickel’s Snapchat <<

For your information, here is the pitch of the show Et si on se metait: “For the first time, single parents are going to take part in the experience and among all these single people, one person is going to experience an unprecedented situation… A young woman finds herself with an almost identical compatibility with two men… She will have to choose the one with whom she will continue the experiment, without ever meeting him! »


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