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In Coin Master, you can still get more spins and coins through Facebook! But beware of the anarchists on certain pages!

If you play Coin Master, you most certainly know that to progress you need to get coins and spins in order to spin the roulette wheel and collect spins and coins to upgrade your villages and level up. Know that it is possible, via coin master daily links to collect the extra turns. You can get up to 100 extra spins every dayand thus extend your gaming experience with free spins.

In Coin Master there are also other features to save your time and keep you playing longer. In particular, it is possible to obtain rewards for free thanks to social networks and especially with Facebook. However, you have to do watch out for scams present on the social network.

Why am I not getting a reward in Coin Master after liking a post on Facebook?

There exists a pages Game Piece of money Master on the Facebook social network where you can find codes to get free rewards, but also where you can participate in promotional events and contests.

Regularly, you can go to Coin Master’s Facebook page to participate in contests where you are asked to like, share and comment on a post and then be drawn at random to win rewards.

Please note, there are fake facebook pages that promise rewards but are actually scams. The game publisher is aware of these fake accounts and is working hard to get Facebook to remove them.

To go to the official page of Coin Master, you can use the link below:

>>> Facebook Coin Master <<

Additionally, you can join the official Coin Master exchange group:

>>> Coin Master Exchange Group <<

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