Brayan & Carla together today? Instagram?

Find out if Brayan and Carla are together today after And if we met on M6! Where to follow them on Instagram?

What if we met is available on M6! If you want to know where to follow Brian and Carla on Instagram, read on! The last couple of this week was Brian and Carla. The two met on instagram and talk every day. They finally have the opportunity to meet and there is no real problem to tell the truth. Brayan just want to engage faster than Carl. To follow Claire and Moussa it’s here.

Indeed, directly wishes him a very serious relationship and wants to see Carl come and live with him as soon as he leaves How about we meet. During their meeting, Brayan open your heart to Carl which remains marble. He offers her the key before slipping away so that she can join him upstairs if she wishes to continue the adventure with him. So Carla and Brian are they still together today?

Are Carla and Brayan still together today?

Once Brayan gave the keys to Carl, the young woman is asking questions about the rest of her relationship and regrets having remained speechless in front of the latter. She then chose to join him upstairs where she tells him she wants to be with him. Brayan very happy gives him the keys to his house and invites him to come and live with him. To follow Luna and Anthony, it’s here.

Unfortunately, we learn that a few weeks later, Brian and Carla are no longer together and that there were no real romantic feelings on the part of the young woman. Brayan is a bit disappointed to have wasted 8 months talking about instagram but don’t blame him. They are now both single and looking for love.

Where to follow on Instagram Brayan and Carla from Et Si on Se Rencontre?

Definitely if you liked Brian and Carla you then follow them on instagram. If you then follow Brayan on Instagram @brayanscotto! Brayan thanks to Et If we met exceeded 1000 subscribers!

For those who wish to follow Carla on Instagram @carla.elsd is here. With her 1,500 subscribers, Carla is a hit on Instagram with photos of her wearing makeup and in a swimsuit!

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