Brave and DuckDucKGo increasingly popular in the face of Google’s hegemony

Among the interesting data revealed by the YouGov study, we noted that 91% of Internet users answered that it was important to them that a search engine not share their personal data without their explicit consent. Only 7% of respondents say they don’t care.

Similarly, 65% of respondents felt that search engines are responsible for protecting their data. For 21% of them, they must also be held responsible, and encourage sanctions in the event of a breach.

Which brought us to DuckDuckGo. The alternative search engine, which will soon launch a browser, is by far the most popular option for users concerned about protecting their data. 7% of respondents say they use it as their main engine – ahead of Bing (6%) and Yahoo (4%). According to the company itself, the number of requests made on DuckDuckGo has increased by 27% in one year.

Still concerning DuckDuckGo, 34% of respondents say they have already used the search engine in the past (and therefore have returned to it, or only use it in certain cases), and 30% admit to having heard of it without trying it. for the moment.

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