Booba: the rapper reacts to the possible return of Diam’s on Instagram!

On social networks, Booba did not fail to react to the return of Diam’s. He wrote a comment on his Instagram account…

It’s a return that French Rap fans have been waiting for for several years… Diam’s could well be back to tell us its story. Choose who made Booba react! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Diam’s is back

Oye oye, MCE TV has great news for you! The rapper Diam’s is finally back after years of absence. No, she does not intend to go back on stage, or even create wonderful nuggets.

The number 1 rapper in France will star in a film about her own life. “Salam”, will therefore be presented at the Cannes Film Festival as a documentary film that she co-directed.

The news caused a stir on social media. Some netizens even cried with joy. We can therefore read on Twitter: the return of Diams, I couldn’t believe it anymore, I’m crying”, “it’s so strong, it’s the best news of the year”, “what emotion, I can’t describe what I feel . I can’t wait to watch this documentary. »

the media sphere therefore congratulated his return. She who was however the enemy of the rapper. What a strange fate, isn’t it! Touched, the star who lives in the shadows shared on her Instagram account:

“My depression, my suffering, my quest, my rebirth… a film? an entertainment ? I was touched that people were interested in my career, but it was impossible for me to let strangers speak for me… So I took up the pen again. The one with which I have always liked to indulge myself”.

A sweet word, written with a lot of love and emotion. Many celebrities have shared the information on social networks. But it is above all Booba’s comment that caught the attention of Internet users.

We tell you more below!

Booba reacts in a tone of humor

The rapper immediately reacted on Instagram via the OKLM account which therefore serves as a personal profile. He therefore shared the screen of the Diams story on Insta with the following caption:

“That we are interested”… “We”, it’s a big word, you got it”, he exclaimed in a humorous tone. Then he finally concluded his message with more respect : “Just kidding #FORCE. »

One thing is certain, Booba would have done better to abstain in view of the comments of Internet users. Many fans are critical of his reaction.

It must be said that for years, Booba had a complicated relationship with Diam’s. He clashed it in his piece “Le Duc” published in 2007: “Niggas are downgraded by Pokora, Diam’s and Sinik”.

And he even rejoiced at her departure in 2012, declaring that he “prefers her like that than behind a microphone”. Subsequently, he therefore threw tons of peaks at her. But Diam’s never reacted to these clashess. She prefers to focus on her family life which makes her happy.

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