Booba creates a new Instagram account

After new sanctions from the platform.

Relations between Booba and social networks have often been complicated lately. The Duke quickly understood that social networks like Instagram and Twitter were going to become the center of the communication and promotion strategy for artists, so he invested in Instagram very early on. But soon enough, his use of his account, based on clashes, insults, files, octagon proposals and that kind of thing, has caused him to be sanctioned several times by Insta.

For this reason, Booba quickly understood that he couldn’t use just one Instagram account to promote his label and its artists, because the OKLM account is too often suspended. As a result, he diversified his media pole by multiplying the accounts, with some on which he talks more about clothing/fashion for example, to push his DCNTD brand. This week, after a new sanction from Instagram, Booba created a new account, Info Pirates 92i.

He promoted this new Insta account via Twitter, we imagine that it will therefore quickly be followed. For now, only one post, which talks about the fact that “Ultra” has reached 400,000 albums sold worldwide and is therefore approaching the diamond, too. We imagine that this page will be dedicated to information on the releases and sales of artists 92i / 7 Corp and we should therefore not see too many clashes or bizarre political positions, as is currently the case on OKLM.


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