Automotive: Tesla, the crazy figures of the 100% electric manufacturer

We have the impression that the crisis in the automotive sector has no hold on the Tesla brand. The American car manufacturer, owned by the whimsical billionaire Elon Musk, is going through the period with insolent calm as its competitors struggle with logistical problems and the scarcity of components, especially electronic ones.

Last year it approached one million cars sold worldwide. Already the leader in the electric car market in France, where it stole first place from our national Zoé (Renault) in 2021, thanks to the sale of 25,000 units of its Model 3 despite a very high selling price. (49,990 euros, ecological bonus not included), Tesla has just displayed its new ambitions.

In 2022, during the annual presentation of its accounts, the manufacturer announced that it had to produce 1.5 million vehicles from its five “mega factories” (Nevada, New York, Austin, Shanghai and Berlin), i.e. a 60% obligation over last year. In terms of financial results, the performance of the 100% electric brand makes its rivals green with envy. Its quarterly turnover reached 18.86 billion dollars, an increase of 87% over one year.

One-year lead times for entry-level models

The success story should not end there. Elon Musk, also at the helm of the space company Space X, has unveiled future projects. In addition to the autonomous taxis which could become concrete in 2024, the firm aims to produce an electric pickup.

Grains of sand could still come to stop the beautiful American mechanics. Due to the strict containment decreed by Beijing, the Shanghai factory closed its doors. Its very recent reopening at the cost of dantesque work rates (employees sleep on site to catch up) will perhaps have consequences on the manufacturer’s delivery capacities. For entry-level models, the deadlines are currently one year. Hence the fact that buyers are falling back on the top-of-the-range copies, which are available but much more expensive.

As for the massive and incessant recalls of vehicles in recent months all over the world, they could ultimately tarnish Tesla’s image of reliability.

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