At 75, this Instagram star grandma proves that there is no age to get into sport

At 75, Joan MacDonald is in the best shape of her life. However, a few years ago, this Canadian had never held back from getting into sport, and even less from becoming a fitness influencer.

Suffering from chronic high blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney failure, obesity and general exhaustion, this kind-hearted granny swallowed more than a dozen medications every day to calm her ailments.

At 75, she discovers fitness and becomes a real star on Instagram

All my life I had taken care of my children, my husband, my work, she whispers at the microphone of the chain ABC, I forgot myself, and for nothing in the world would I want to return to this previous state “.

One day in 2017, Joan, then 71 years old, decided to (re)take her life in hand after a visit to the doctor. ” I was tired of being sick and tired “, she explains.

Joan MacDonald’s sports routine to get back in shape

Helped by her daughter, a professional sports coach, the one who became known as “Trainwithjoan” then discovered abs, push-ups and other stretches. By changing their diet, the septuagenarian allows the first month to lose nearly 5 kilos and to reduce her medication intake.

On several occasions, I determined to throw in the towel. But Michelle and her husband stopped me, and I’m happy because without it, I wouldn’t be here today. “, she acknowledges.

Today relieved of nearly 30 kilos, Joan Macdonald has never been so fit in her life and even got rid of her hypertension, high cholesterol and acid reflux for good.

A change of life that she does not regret and that she recommends to her approximately 1.6 million subscribers on Instagram. ” It’s not magic she discovered. It’s work, but it’s work that can be enjoyed “.

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