astronomical bill for a recharge

The Chinese owner of a Tesla Model 3 was the victim of a bug, asking him nearly 550,000 euros for recharging his vehicle.

The Chinese owner of a Tesla lived an unusual nightmare this March 5, without even being at the wheel of his vehicle! As the CnEVPost site reports, the man, owning a Model 3, has indeed received an absolutely astronomical charging bill: 608,700 dollars, or 557,800 euros !

While trying to recharge his car, he received an alert on his phone. The latter notified him that he could no longer use a Supercharger from the Austin firm until he could not paid his bill. Fortunately, it was a bug in backend systems of certain vehicles. This was confirmed by customer service, also stating that the technicians were focused on the problem.

Especially since the owner of the vehicle concerned claims to have recharged his Model 3 for the last time on February 27… for 20 minutes. It also seems that he benefited from free recharge minutes since September 6th.

Tesla victim of other bugs

Tesla bugs are not not particularly rare. Recently, several products available for purchase on the American manufacturer’s app have switched to… 0.00 euros! This is immediately more attractive than a recharge at 550,000 euros! Too bad it’s a bug.

Less funny, vehicle recalls are also regular. New is a speedometer bug which led to the recall of nearly 50,000 Model 3s produced between 2018 and 2022. The latter did not display wrong unit of measure.

A few weeks ago it was a hood problem which had led to the recall of Model S and Model 3, in France in particular. The hood could indeed open due to vibration, at high speed. This concerned vehicles from 2014 to 2021, nearly half a million across the Atlantic and 100,000 in China.

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