Are Teslas too expensive to repair?

Repairing a Tesla is expensive. Not as much as Porsche, but more than most premium brands on the market on average if we are to believe the figures compiled by SRA, the Automobile Safety & Repair Association.

Teslas generally have an excellent price-performance ratio. But once past the time of purchase, can these models be very expensive in the event of accidents and necessary repairs? This is what the data compiled by SRA (Security & Repair Automobiles), an association which has just published its annual ranking of repair costs by brand during collision claims, comes from.

Unsurprisingly, the ranking shows that the premium brands are the ones that charge the most for this type of repair: above all, don’t expect to save money if you have to repair your Porsche following an accident. While a Volkswagen, a Citroën or a Dacia cost a little less than the brand average set at 100% (with respectively 97.5, 95.2 or 80.6% of the average repair price), a Porsche costs average 231.9% of the average repair price. And the second most expensive brand at this level would be none other than Tesla with a cost set at 161.1% of the market average. It is thus ahead of Mercedes (129.5%) and BMW (115.8%).

Beware of shocks

In short, it will be necessary to pay attention to shocks to avoid weighing down your budget at the wheel of your Tesla. Also note that according to the same source, a large Tesla Model X would be significantly more expensive on average to repair than a Porsche Cayenne! Conversely, the Dacia, Suzuki and other Toyotas cost the least in repairs.

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