Are German-made Teslas better than Chinese ones?

Is German quality better than “made in China” in the case of Tesla models?

Tesla is an American brand, which originally produced all of its vehicles in the United States. But with the development of the brand dear to Elon Musk, the manufacturer has built new production plans elsewhere in the world to meet international demand. First in China, which obviously represents one of the most important markets in the world for Tesla.

Then in Europe, with the recent opening of the Tesla factory in Berlin, Germany. While the first copies of the Model Y sold on the Old Continent came from China, new French customers of the model will thus have a good chance of receiving a car made in Germany. With the key, a better quality of manufacture? This is precisely what the Youtuber wanted to check below in the video.

The same quality

The latter indeed compares a Tesla Model Y Long Autonomy made in China (but delivered in Europe) with a Model Y Performance just out of the Berlin factory. The opportunity to see that the quality of assembly remains the same, even if there is a difference in the material used for the interior trim of the doors (unrelated to the quality of manufacture itself). The German copy also benefits from a more efficient electronic system for its touch screen, but this improvement is also found on the Chinese models currently leaving their factory.

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