Apple Watch: up to €40 off Series 7 and SE

Promotions on Apple Watch persist, and Boulanger now offers attractive discounts on the latest model as well as on the entry level. The discount is €40 on the Series 7 and €30 on the SE models, which is interesting especially since many colors are available.

In 41 mm format, the Series 7 costs €389. Starlight, Black, Blue, Green, and Red models are available. Same discount of €40 on the GPS + Cellular models, which drop to €489 in Stellar Light, black, green, blue and red. The Nike versions (white and black) are offered at the same price.

As for the 45mm dial, the Minuit color goes from €459 to €419, i.e. a discount of €40. For this price, we can also find the Stellar Light model, (Product)Red, green and blue. If you want the GPS + Cellular model, the Red, Green, Starlight, Blue and Black models are discounted and drop to €519 (-€40).

To pay Apple Watch SE, the reduction is only €30 and the tocante therefore amounts to €269 instead of €299 in 40mm format. You can find black, blue, the Lumière Stellaire color or the black and white Nike version. If you want cellular compatibility, it will cost you €319 (Starlight, Black or Blue). Here too, Nike’s black and white models are available in addition to two models with a silver/blue and gray/tornado gray sport loop.

For the large 44m dial, the reduction applies to the black and blue colors and the black and white Nike models (€299). There’s a little more choice if you want the cellular option, but you’ll need to add €50: you can find black, blue, the starlight colorway as well as both black and white Nike models. Three sport loops are available: Gold/Maize, Grey/Tornado Gray and Silver/Blue.


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