Apple Store: a water leak detector and protections for MacBook Pro and Apple Watch

A handful of new SKUs have arrived on the Apple Store for Mac, HomeKit, and Apple Watch. The latest MacBook Pro in their 14″ format are entitled to Incase covers. The Compact Sleeve model in aeronautical nylon (a little more resistant) includes storage on one side and a zipper for the main housing. It exists in dark blue and black at €49.95.

The same format is used for the ICON version with the particularity of a rigid frame that absorbs shocks around the entire periphery of the cover. The closure this time is of the magnetic type. The item is worth €69.95 in blue and black.

Protection always with Otterbox bumpers for Apple Watch SE (and S4, S5 and S6) in 40 mm and 44 mm. They cover the case quite widely and are sold for €19.95 in a single black color. There has been the same thing for a few days for the Series 7 in 3 colors.

Finally, the Apple Store sells the Eve Water Guard water leak detector, HomeKit compatible. This is the new model, released in February, that supports the upcoming mesh network Thread standard. It is offered at 99.95 €, this is its standard price, on the cross also on Amazon at this price.

Apple Store: Edge d bumpers

Apple Store: Edge bumpers from Otterbox for the Apple Watch Series 7


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