Apple is ending the production of one of its emblematic products!

It’s a big day for Apple. And for good reason, the apple brand is stopping the production of one of its legendary products.

Apple may surprise its most loyal customers. Indeed, the brand has decided to stop the production of his famous iPod. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Apple: what do you need to know?

It’s no secret, Apple is wildly successful around the world. Indeed, the brand has managed to establish itself worldwide. Yes, just that!

It must be said that Apple can count on the loyalty of its customers. The latter do not go to any competitor and seem to do all of their high-tech purchases in its catalog. In short, the apple brand is really unanimous.

And yet, some iPhone users do not know all that the smartphone can offer them. And yes, this one actually has a large number of features. To the delight of users therefore.

Starting with the bell. Indeed, it is actually possible to personalize itr. To create your own ringtone, nothing very complicated. To do this, simply download the application ringtone maker and import its file. The turn is then played!

Still on the call side, Apple offers users the possibility of Very easy to block a number. By downloading directly to the phone application, simply click on “block this caller”. Very cool !

While waiting to develop new iPhone functions, Apple has made a big decision. In effect, the brand formalizes the discontinuation of the famous iPod. MCE TV tells you more!

Apple is ending the production of one of its emblematic products!

iPod production stops

In recent years, Apple has released many new products. Indeed, the smartphone giant continues to renew its catalog. Moreover, the iPhone 14 is about to make its arrival. Moreover, customers are impatient to discover it. And to their delight, some little info is starting to fall. Very cool !

Some novelties are arriving and during this time, a mythical Apple product will leave its catalog for good. Indeed, this Tuesday, May 10, the brand announced the end of production of the iPod. And yes, after more than 20 years of existence, the latter will no longer be available.

In a press release, Greg Joswik, the vice president of marketing of the group gave more details. Indeed, he named: The spirit of the iPod lives on. We’ve built an incredible music experience into all of our products, from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. »

Before continuing:Music has always been central to Apple. And making it available to hundreds of millions of users like the iPod did has impacted not only the music industry but also redefined the way music is discovered, listened to and shared. »

But do not panic, there is still time to get the iPod Touch. Indeed, the product will be sold in the various stores while stocks last. So, do not delay before getting a last one. Enough to raise the pressure.

One thing is certain, Apple has not finished surprising its loyal customers. But what will be the next novelty? They just have to be ready. To be continued.

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