Angèle appears resplendent on Instagram (PHOTOS)

The singer, on tour, takes us behind the scenes of her concerts!

A few weeks ago, Angèle performed the very first concert of a long tour to come! It must be said that after more than a year and a half of absence, the singer had made her comeback last December with her second album, NINETY-FIVE, already sold more than 200,000 copies. As she created buzz with the title Brussels I love you a few weeks earlier, the artist who sold a million copies of his first opus brol did not hesitate to display his happiness following this reunion. A highly anticipated comeback that does not really leave the young woman time to rest on her laurels. Or to rest for that matter.

Once is not custom, Angèle has just posted some shots of her requested during her tour. While she was recently in Marseille and Nice, the singer will be in Grenoble, Brussels and Nantes in the coming days. Once these shows are done, the singer will continue with several festivals in the four rooms of France before finally resuming her Circuit NONANTE-FIVE next October. In the meantime, it is behind the scenes of his concerts that the star takes us. Make-up session, mirror selfie, walk in the forest and a gourmet break, the interpreter of free, who is currently parading at the top of the charts, we share her daily life as usual. A real pleasure for his fans who can applaud him on stage and discover what is happening behind the scenes. We let you take a look!

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