Android 13 will allow you to take better photos and videos on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok

CameraX library update on Android will allow third-party apps to use HDR, night or portrait modes for photo or video.

The photo modules of the S22 Ultra. // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

Gone are the days when users were content with the camera application of their smartphone to take pictures or videos. Now, more and more applications allow you to take photos directly within them.

However, unlike what iPhones offer, third-party applications using photo modules on Android do not have access to all the settings and all the features offered natively by the smartphone’s native camera application. It must be said that these applications use the CameraX library of Android. Or, this one is much more limited in terms of functions.

More than 15 manufacturers involved

However, at the Google I/O conference, which kicked off on Wednesday, Google announced a major update for app developers. CameraX’s upcoming Android 13 update will allow app developers to take advantage of more smartphone camera features, the site reports. Android Central.

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In a video posted this Wednesday (from 1:18 p.m.), Google says it is now working with more than 15 smartphone manufacturers, for 150 phones, to ensure the best possible management of CameraX on all devices. Version 1.1 of CameraX, now deployed, also allows you to take advantage of several functions within third-party applications, such as the choice of camera or definition, better preview in live view and audio or pause control.

The arrival of HDR, portrait mode and night mode

Among the other new features announced by Google, CameraX will allow you to take advantage of an HDR mode in video thanks to the support of the HLG10 as well as stabilization. Above all, Google announces that manufacturers could add extensions to CameraX to allow third-party applications to take advantage of portrait mode, HDR or night mode.

If these new features please application developers – who could benefit from additional features – this should also be the case for users.

Indeed, this update will allow the arrival, on the next generations of smartphones, to better control within the applications that they use on a daily basis. Concretely, you no longer need to go through the Camera application on your smartphone before posting your photos on Instagram. The social network application can be used, in itself, to take pictures with more controls.

However, this update is only an authorization from Google. Before users take advantage of them, manufacturers must already incorporate these new features and developers must seize them to install them in their own applications.

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