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As you know, this year 2022 will allow Volkswagen to launch its long-awaited ID.Buzz, a 100% electric van that echoes the brand’s distant and glorious past. Today, Volkswagen France announces that it has collaborated with artist Marylou Faure to create a limited and collector’s edition collection of three NFTs. The brand is thus launching a contest which will end on May 19, in order to designate three winners within its communities.


An Instagram contest to win NFTs at Volkswagen France

During his career, the Volkswagen Combi was the preferred field of expression for many artists and to pay homage to him, and in passing to anchor the ID. Buzz 100% electric in the digital age, Volkswagen France has decided to reinterpret the trend of personalization, in an entirely digital universe. To do this, the technology of non-fungible tokens (NFT or ‘Non Fungible Token’) automatically became part of the heart of the project by combining art and innovation.

Thus, Volkswagen France has collaborated with the artist Marylou Faure to create a limited edition collection of NFTs. These NFTs make it possible to authenticate the digital works of the artist, and to guarantee their belonging to an owner.

Illustrator and Parisian artist, Marylou Faure offers her vision of art through brightly colored pop works invoking joy and good humor. An inspiration that corresponds perfectly to the philosophy of the ID. Buzz. Thus, the artist has appropriated the universe of the latest addition to the ID range. to reveal this series of three NFTs, directly created on the digital version of the ID. Buzz and exploiting its territory of expression: nature, surfing and festivals!

These NFTs are to be won until May 19 by the community via a contest calling on the creativity of the participants. Thus, Internet users are invited to download the photo of the ID from the Volkswagen France brand website. Buzz and to use the Instagram social network to affix various stickers to personalize the modern-day Combi and share their creation in a story. A jury including Marylou Faure, will select the three creations which will have stood out and their author will be offered one of the three NFTs in a single copy.

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