All announcements from Google I/O 2022

Like every year, Google organizes a major I/O conference to announce new features to developers and the general public. Here is the summary of the live announcements.

On Wednesday May 11, Google organizes its traditional conference for developers, the Google I/O. For about two hours, Sundar Pichai and the other executives of the company will unveil several new software and hardware products, which will arrive throughout the year 2022. Android 13 will of course be in the spotlight, but it is not not the only one.

Next, want a quick recap of Google I/O 2022 as well as links to our in-depth articles on major announcements? This summary is for you. The highest ads are the most recent.

Google I/O back in theaters

Première has chosen to retain in this 2022 edition: the Google I/O is once again taking place in the Shoreline theater on the Google campus. For two years, because of the Covid, this was not the case. On the other hand, there are fewer people than usual. Developers and journalists are not invited.

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