A year after foraying into audio, Facebook is turning away from the market

Remember: at the beginning of 2021, the Clubhouse application was widely talked about following the registration of several celebrities such as Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. Accessible and efficient, the concept of the application is based on multiple audio rooms that can be joined to participate or more simply to listen silently like a live podcast.

The idea was quickly taken up by many platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Discord, LinkedIn, but also Facebook, which unveiled a Live Audio Rooms function in April 2021. The company immediately announced the arrival of podcasts on Facebook. A year later, Meta is said to be moving away from audio to focus on other activities, such as its TikTok clone (the Reels) or events in the metaverse.

Bloomberg tells us that Meta did not sponsor the 2022 edition of Podcast Movement, one of the most important American conferences bringing together the podcast industry. The company reportedly didn’t even send anyone to participate, despite having sponsored the previous event in August 2021. In addition, the newspaper notes that some historical partners of Live Audio Rooms no longer organize conversations, while The meta would not have renewed some contracts.

Irena Lam, one of Meta’s podcast product managers has reportedly transitioned into a music-focused role, according to her LinkedIn page. In short, despite his arrival with a bang barely a year ago, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is slowly reviewing its priorities. That doesn’t mean Facebook’s entry into the industry is a flop, though: political show producer TYT Network has said the social network is its second most popular listening platform, behind Apple Podcasts.

It must be said that the “audio phenomenon” has settled down since the breakthrough of Clubhouse in 2021: the pioneer has even come to add a text chat option to try to find a new breath. For Facebook, competition is fierce in this sector. The company must indeed face the two behemoths of the podcast Spotify and Apple who are fighting for the first place on the podium.


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